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Employer-first message

ERE remains focused on the employer-first message and will continue to consist of employer end users only. The goal of the ERE is to promote renewable energy as an economic development tool to bring choice, more jobs and efficiency to state markets.

Highlight your business objectives

Businesses under the ERE banner are uniquely positioned to communicate the cost savings aspects of RE procurement and sourcing, as well as the increased prioritization of RE within internal corporate discussions.

High impact, low time commitment

ERE members can engage as much or as little as they see fit. When ERE engages in a specific advocacy effort in a given state, we implement an ‘opt-in’ process for individual company engagement.


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Gabrielle Friedman, Manager, Government Affairs

“ERE is a trusted industry voice that effectively brings the corporate buyer message to state renewable energy policy discussions.”

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Steve Chriss, Director of Energy and Strategy Analysis

“As one of the leading U.S. companies for renewable energy installations and capacity, Walmart plans to continue our efforts on seeking to find renewable energy projects that are right for our customers, our business and the environment. We are pleased to work with ERE in support of state policies that seek to enable increased customer access to affordable renewable energy options.”

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Breanna Schafer, Senior Director, Government Affairs

“As a large retailer actively pursuing renewables, we are proud of ERE’s work to deliver our policy message at the state-level, which has made a difference in being able to achieve Target’s 100% renewable energy goal.”

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