Employers for Renewable Energy

The Employers for Renewable Energy (ERE) coalition represents job creators nationwide who support state policies that enable greater customer choice of renewable energy and strong competition among producers.

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Employers get it, @votesolar gets it, now it’s the policymaker’s turn... “The cost of solar has dropped by more than 70 percent since 2010, and a new report found that solar is now cheaper in many parts of the U.S. than fossil options.”

As corporate demand rises, @NREL finds that the U.S. is moving toward renewable energy faster than many experts anticipated. Did you know that almost half of the utility-scale power generation capacity installed last year involved renewable energy? #facts https://t.co/akO01Y3s3R

Corporate demand for RE is on the rise, but Ohio farmers win too! “We saw an opportunity to create another revenue stream for our farm. If we can create another revenue stream while trade wars are happening, that will help make up some of the losses.” https://t.co/SEhJXhqFY7

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