Employers for Renewable Energy

The Employers for Renewable Energy (ERE) coalition represents job creators nationwide who support state policies that enable greater customer choice of renewable energy and strong competition among producers.

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South Carolina Passes Energy Freedom Act

Last week, South Carolina lawmakers passed the Energy Freedom Act to open up the state’s energy market. As part of the legislation, renewable energy developers will now be able to negotiate contracts directly with businesses which will allow the state’s solar industry...


Bottonline: Colorado’s cleanest energy choice is also its cheapest; #EnergyMarkets #energycompetition

More than 300 cities & localities can now give their businesses better access to #solar energy thanks to @GoSolSmart. #Renewableenergy

#SolarGoesCorporate kicks off w/ @SEIA’s @HopperAbby, @Walmart, @SwinertonSolar, & @Employers4RE touting the importantance of aggressive collaboration w/ corporate & institutional buyers of renewables in Washington D.C. and state capitals in order to advance the #TheSolarDecade

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