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Employers for Renewable Energy

The Employers for Renewable Energy (ERE) coalition represents job creators nationwide who support state policies that enable greater customer choice of renewable energy and strong competition among producers.

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Report Ranks States for Corporate Clean Energy Procurement

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) has released the 2020 update to the Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index. The groundbreaking study, first undertaken in 2017, shows how some states have improved their rankings by enacting common sense policies...


In 2020, a total of 95 local govts across 33 states procured 3,683 MW of renewable energy generation capacity, the largest amount of capacity ever added in a single year, according to @RockyMtnInst @WorldResources in their latest report.

Over 110 of @Apple’s manufacturing partners around the world are moving to 100% renewable energy with nearly 8 GW of planned clean energy set to come online.

Oklahoma continues to lead on its investment in wind-generated electricity with three major wind farm projects in the works that will produce enough energy to power 193,000 homes.

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